S.O.A.R Meditation Series 1 – Meditations for Everyday Living


Meditations for Everyday Living.

The six meditations in this series are:

  1. Let go of the Struggle
  2. Fear is the fear of Fear.
  3. I am healed, I am whole
  4. Creating my day
  5. Embracing change
  6. Shifting me, Shifting reality.

They are designed to guide you on a journey of awareness and discovery and enhance your everyday life.

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What is your reason for wanting to meditate?

Is it to de-stress, calm your mind, improve your focus, improve your health and well being, be more effective in work and life, sleep better, connect to greater wisdom, reprogram your subconscious mind, be happier, access flow or be more intentional in your life?

Meditation has been shown to work in all of these areas. Whether you’re a beginner or accomplished meditator, this guided series of mediations will meet you where you at. There is no special skill required, a

Except to follow the prompts and guidance and to relax and enjoy the experience.

This series is called meditations for everyday living and addresses everything from fear, change, healing, and being intentional. Each one begins with a short introduction to the topic itself and transitions into the meditation. They all between 16 and 20 minutes in duration. Use them as often as needed as a tool to explore and go inward, to create more awareness and feel better, nay amazing.


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