THE ENGAGED WORKFORCE – 6 Practical Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture


This is by far the most challenging economic period in over two decades. Uncertainty and instability brought about by constant changes, restructuring, downsizing and mergers have had an impact on productivity, profit and employee morale.

Money used to buy market share; technology used to bring the competitive advantage. With accessibility and rapid changes, this no longer rings true. What then is that magic formula that sets businesses apart?

An organisation’s people are what would set them apart from competitors. Engaging with employees and unlocking their talent and potential are important in creating high-performing organisations.

In an Engaged Workforce, Dr Sha shares six practical steps to creating a coaching culture. She takes you on a journey of discovery to finding solutions to an organisation’s challenges of employee disengagement, loss of profit and productivity.

This step-by-step approach is a valuable tool for any organisation wanting to create a high-performing work environment with engaged employees impacting positively on the all-important bottom line.

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“For me, reading must be intriguing and so inspiring that it captivates little time you have in a day and illustrates something you would never have had the foresight to approach or see before … An Engaged Workforce exceeded this expectation.

I was riveted to it, wanting to do more, be more; act with haste to make the changes suggested to change the face of our workforce thereby shifting our economy. The book is systematic, practical and more importantly, capable of implementation for start-up entrepreneurs to global organisations.

South African business leaders are sometimes daunted by asking the right questions; they fear being judged. This book will hopefully motivate them to be fearless, bold and transparent. The benefit of creating a coaching culture must never be underestimated. It’s about empowering individuals in your organisations to not just be their best but be content with all that they do.

Thank you, Dr Mariam, for reminding me that our people are our greatest asset.”

Advocate Pria Hassan

CEO of WOA Fuels and Oils CC

“I like the style of the book, the story line, and then the lessons learned bring a very practical flavour to the work. It is an easy read—very easy to understand and follow. You have taken potentially complex issues and kept them simple. Giving the issues an actionable treatment will aid the practitioner in addressing similar problems in their respective workplaces. I particularly like your focus on certain places on what went wrong and how this could be addressed. In my view, we don’t spend enough time on problem solving and then building tailored solutions to our own problems. Your book could, therefore, be a good guide for those who are out in the field.”

Paul Norman

Group Chief Human Resources and Corporate Affairs Officer MTN Group Ltd

“One gym session in a year will not make you fitter, similarly one session of self-help training or personal coaching will not be enough to create a culture of excellence in your life. Enter Mariam Sha’s book An Engaged Workforce – 6 Practical Steps To Creating A Coaching Culture, a wonderful personal and business manual that primes you to create a workplace culture that delivers results at full throttle. The Champion South Africa movement that I drive talks of ‘Champion People Build Champion People’ and ‘Champion People Build Champion Nations’. I will be encouraging all those that wish to buy into the vision of a great and greater South Africa to understand that it starts with team coaching at all levels of society. An Engaged Workforce means just that!”

Ashraf Garda

Founder of the Champion South Africa movement

Host of Afternoon Talk &Media Show on SA FM Radio


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