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  • R220.00

    There is only one question you must ask yourself. Who Am I? You must ask this question as an individual and as the collective. How the question is answered will determine your destiny. There are too many of us who seldom become still, long enough to sit in this question. The consequence of this is that we lead lives of quiet, fearful desperation. Never content, never satisfied, never free and never enough.

  • R240.00

    Girl on Fire is the debut autobiography of Tivania Moodley who chronicles her life and experiences of depression, a failed suicide attempt, rape, miscarriages, and emotional abuse. From spending almost two decades living an existential life, Tivania now consciously chooses life and lives her purpose of effecting real change in this world.

  • R280.00

    This is by far the most challenging economic period in over two decades. Uncertainty and instability brought about by constant changes, restructuring, downsizing and mergers have had an impact on productivity, profit and employee morale.

    Money used to buy market share; technology used to bring the competitive advantage. With accessibility and rapid changes, this no longer rings true. What then is that magic formula that sets businesses apart?

    An organisation’s people are what would set them apart from competitors. Engaging with employees and unlocking their talent and potential are important in creating high-performing organisations.

    In an Engaged Workforce, Dr Sha shares six practical steps to creating a coaching culture. She takes you on a journey of discovery to finding solutions to an organisation’s challenges of employee disengagement, loss of profit and productivity.

    This step-by-step approach is a valuable tool for any organisation wanting to create a high-performing work environment with engaged employees impacting positively on the all-important bottom line.