S.O.A.R Meditation Series 2 – Meditations for Awakening the Consciousness that is You


Welcome to this series of meditations. The common thread linking the six reflections is the awakening of the consciousness that you are. These meditations take you on inward to journey where you learn to savour life, experience your existence, and realise your Essential self. 

  1. Loving Awareness 
  2. Ocean Of Consciousness 
  3. The Core of Who You Are 
  4. The SEER
  5. Being Present Through Receiving
  6. Our True Identity
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The meditations open a doorway to commune with the Essence of who you are, experience the delight of life, and by setting the intention to awaken you experience the Divine within you. 
My invitation to you is to be open to the meditations. If you are new to mediation, my voice will guide you to a place of serenity and connection. If you are well versed in the practice of mediation move beyond the guidance, allow the energy behind the words to transport you into your depth of consciousness. For both novice and experienced Go beyond, and experience merging with the Self, expanding your consciousness, receive with Grace a reverence and hunger to live life at the level of heightened sensuality. 
I offer you the opportunity to dive into the ocean of consciousness that awaits you. You can choose to do graceful an elegant Olympic performance style dive or a belly flop, both will immerse you in the gloriousness of consciousness. Toe dipping will not do, you will remain on the surface, and besides jumping right in with enthusiasm and joy is a lot more fun.
Meditation 1:
Loving Awareness 
The meditation takes you into loving Awareness, where you move beyond the physical plane. Through loving Awareness, all that touches your consciousness is experienced as love. You witness the World through Love and Awareness, your Life is Blissful. Loving Awareness is your Essence, it turns your inward, a real and profound love emanates from you. 
Meditation 2 
Ocean Of Consciousness  
Melding the wisdom of past experiences with the potentiality of the future into the here and now. Your Essence is an expression of your collective consciousness, stepping into this Divine Moment of Now, a transformation occurs expanding your consciousness. and takin your Awareness to a whole new level 


Meditation 3 

The Core of Who You Are 

Creating a new identity, moving from compulsive thinking emotions and reactions to a state of Awareness, Presence, and an Alertness through which you are a Witness to Life. 

Meditation 4 
This Seer is an expression of Eternal Being. The Seer realises the whole within the parts and parts within the whole: the Seer, witnesses, and experiences a unified existence of non-duality.
Meditation 5
Being Present Through Receiving 
For us to be genuinely present and rest in Awareness, are asked to be open to receive. The Way of receiving is with Grace, a willingness to allow what IS to flow to you from a variety of different sources, dimensions, and experiences. Letting IT come to you. 
Meditation 6 
Our True Identity
Every one of us is an expression of, a manifestation of the entire cosmos. Through our Essence, we exist to express our Individuality. 
Realising that in our uniqueness is the joyful expression of all that we are, we call forth into Being the entire cosmos.


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