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    A three-day journey of deep discovery and reconnection. A thirty-centimeter journey from your head to your heart where you’ll discover how the many stories you tell and beliefs you hold have shut down the possibility of who you could be. It is the Hero’s journey that begins with a Call. A call to adventure, and if you are here reading this now, then Life is calling you to be more. Three days where you will travel full circle by answering the Call, cross the threshold into the unknown and Return a more authentic, whole version of yourself. A three-day journey to reconnect with the possibility that you are.


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    The Professional Business and Life Coaching: Ontological Framework course is rooted in the foundations of Ontological Coaching, which is an extraordinarily powerful methodology for effecting change for individuals, teams and organisations.

    For anyone who has completed our Discover your Optimal State Workshop (OSW), the processes within that workshop is based on ontological coaching.

    What is Ontological Coaching? The way in which we behave and take action is rooted in the way we perceive or observe our surroundings and ourselves. Our perceptions are based on our beliefs, on our physiology; on the conversations we have, on the emotions we experience, and on the organisations and systems we participate in.

    Ontological Coaching is founded on a well-grounded methodology and scientific principles. It draws from ancient and modern philosophy, biology, neuroscience, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, and quantum physics. The latest developments in human perception, communication, and behaviour are embedded in a professional discipline for professional coaching called “Ontology of the Human Observer”.

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    Learning a new skill takes practice. You eventually master what you consistently practice. It’s time to learn a new skill. You have become exceedingly good at the skill of scarcity and lack because you have practiced this for most of your life. As a result, your abundance setpoint is too low. Now you can change it by practicing being abundant for 30 consecutive days.


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