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The Practice of Abundance 30-day Program


Learning a new skill takes practice. You eventually master what you consistently practice. It’s time to learn a new skill. You have become exceedingly good at the skill of scarcity and lack because you have practiced this for most of your life. As a result, your abundance setpoint is too low. Now you can change it by practicing being abundant for 30 consecutive days.

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DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH? ENOUGH: Money, Time, Love, Energy, Peace, Freedom, Joy, and Happiness.

The answer is simple – on the one hand, you are calibrated or wired for a particular level of abundance. This is too low for most people and doesn\’t match their conscious desires and goals. On the other, you believe in scarcity or lack and have been practicing \”not enough\” for most of your life. You have become a master at practicing the lack of abundance, albeit unconsciously.

The Practice of Abundance 30 – day Program is designed to get you to practice abundance, rather than scarcity as has been your default. With daily abundant practices you will recalibrate and rewire yourself to allow the natural flow of abundance into your experience.

The Program consists of setting daily Contexts, Meditations, Abundance Mantras, Practices, Feedback and Practical Exercises and Tasks. These are designed to shift your abundance set-point and open the floodgates to your hopes, dreams, and desires manifesting. 

The practice of Giving : Generosity is the antidote to lack. When you learn to give unconditionally, the Universe reciprocates.

The Practice of Gratitude : The attitude of Gratitude puts you in an open and allowing state to receive miracles in your life.

The Practice of Mantra : Mantras are words or sounds repeated used to penetrate the depths of the unconscious mind and re-calibrate all aspects of your being

The Practice of Forgiveness : Forgiveness is the doorway to freedom. Releasing past burdens will shift your energetic vibration more aligned to abundance.

The Practice of Acceptance : Only learning to Accept what is, allows you to transcend what is.

The Practice of Truth : When you understanding the illusory nature of reality, you harness a power that moves mountains.

There are many more practices that you will be introduced to, each designed to build on the one before and fit with the one after. The program runs for 30 consecutive days and requires commitment and consistency. Like everything in life, what you put in is what you will get out.



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