DISCOVER YOUR OPTIMAL STATE (OSW) – Personal Transformation workshop

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A three-day journey of deep discovery and reconnection. A thirty-centimeter journey from your head to your heart where you’ll discover how the many stories you tell and beliefs you hold have shut down the possibility of who you could be. It is the Hero’s journey that begins with a Call. A call to adventure, and if you are here reading this now, then Life is calling you to be more. Three days where you will travel full circle by answering the Call, cross the threshold into the unknown and Return a more authentic, whole version of yourself. A three-day journey to reconnect with the possibility that you are.


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The coherence of your language, emotions, and body, collectively create what we refer to as a state. Your life is a product of the state you most consistently live in. Many people today live in a persistent state of fear, confusion, resentment, and resignation. It is so ubiquitous and subtle that we seldom notice it. We do, however always notice the negative and often destructive effects on our wellbeing and happiness. Without the ability to trace the origin of your unhappiness back to your predominant state and what constitutes that state, you are powerless to make any sustainable changes in your life. You cannot intervene in a world you cannot see.

On the other end of the spectrum exists a range of positive states that are equally powerful and accessible. Living consistently in a state of wonder, ambition, gratitude, and joy for many seem completely unattainable. Based on their current language (story), dominant moods and emotions, and physiology (body), these positive states remain unattainable.

The Discover your Optimal State workshop (OSW) is a journey back to your optimal state. It is a facilitated process that reconnects you to your own source of authentic power. On OSW you will discover a compelling context that will give your life new meaning and purpose.

Whether you’re struggling in any aspect of your life or simply wish to take yourself to a new level of inspiration and flow, OSW will give you the tools and distinctions to quantum leap yourself, your relationships, and your business to new possibility.


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