GIRL ON FIRE by Tivania Moodley


Girl on Fire is the debut autobiography of Tivania Moodley who chronicles her life and experiences of depression, a failed suicide attempt, rape, miscarriages, and emotional abuse. From spending almost two decades living an existential life, Tivania now consciously chooses life and lives her purpose of effecting real change in this world.

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As a survivor of a failed suicide attempt, rape, emotional abuse, and years of depression; Tivania understands the importance of creating awareness around societal issues like mental health, empowerment, and gender-based violence. She spent years of her life suppressing her emotions and the truth of who she was in order to fit in, and as such, suffered in silence for over two decades until the failed suicide attempt, after which, her life has done an about-turn. She now spends her days creating awareness around these issues, and effecting transformation by starting the conversations that truly matter. Girl on Fire is a poignant recount of her life from silent girl to fiery woman.


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